The End of the World


The world is crumbling around me, the sun is fire engine red and all I can hear is people screaming around me; bodies everywhere. There’s blood and lots of it. I can barely walk straight because the earth moves under me with every step. I look up to see a plane crash off in the distance. I can hear people crying, pleading, dying. I continue to struggle with keeping my balance on the moving earth. I have no particular destination at this point. Theres nothing on my mind; not worried about relatives, friends, pets or myself.

I reach this peace of pavement thats blocking my path. Its sticking out of the ground at a angle. I start climing until i reach the top and on the other side of the pavement i just climbed is unreal. My son is standing in the middle of a crowd of these creepy creatures. Over their moans and groans i can hear him crying for me. “Ma-ma” he says. At this point im climbing down the other side of the risen pavement running towards my son. It seemed the closer i got the further he was out of reach. I began crying; calling hiso name. The creatures are paying no mind to him, they’re just circling him like the trying to keep anyone from making contact with him. I keep running and running, feeling like I’m on a treadmill with a stick and string strapped to my head with my son attached on that string dangling in front of me just out of my reach of my reaching arms.

When i finally reach him he looks up at me and asks, ‘ma-ma, why didn’t you save me?” Then he disappears and I wake up.

“I’m Coming to Take You Home”


She haven’t been in my dreams since she passed away all those years ago. Now, here she is, like she just passed away last week; out of no where she comes to me in my dreams to give me a message. Someone is going to die. She’s coming in a car to take them them with her. She’s not taking no for an answer and there’s no getting away.

She’s wearing regular, everyday clothes: a blue top and jeans. She is happy to see her niece and I am very happy to see her; it’s like she never died–just went on a 9 year vacation to Hawaii or something. She smiles at me with that smile that always made me feel good. We head to her car not caring where we we’re going, I’m just happy to see my aunt. I sit in the passenger seat waiting on my aunt to get in the car. She finally slides into the driver seat with ease–more easy than I remember. She close the car door put the key in the ignition and turned to look at me. She smiles at me again and I couldn’t help but smile back at her. She then say, “I’m here to take you back with me.”

I wake up.

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